Fresh Fabric

Product Details

Eliminates Odors, Prevents Mildew, Instant fabric freshener, & deodorizer.

Fresh Fabric is a professional strength, ready-to-use solution that quickly removes odors on fabrics at the source. This product is a neutral disinfectant that works on non-porous surfaces and is engineered to safely leave upholstery and any room smelling fresh and clean.


  • Freshens and deodorizes fabrics
  • Attacks odors at the source, doesn’t just mask odors
  • pH neutral disinfectant safe for all textiles
  • Light, clean crisp fragrance
  • Helps prevent mildew
  • No bleach, solvents or harsh chemicals
  • Pet friendly formula
  • From the makers of Crypton® Super Fabrics
Directions For Use
  • Available in 10oz and 32oz bottles
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