15 years ago, T.R. Everheart found this 1928 Ford buried deep in a junk yard in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and set out to build his dream car. Over the years, he's been modifying and improving the power and style of his ride to meet his exotic taste for speed and classic hot rod beauty. Features include a 406 cubic-inch Chevy smallblock (her 5th motor) with aluminum heads opened up for power. Twin Predators sit on top a Tunnel Ram and she's bottle fed with Nitrous Oxide. Hastings Precision Racing Rings were added to harness more power and torque. The all steel body has been channeled 6 inches with the top chopped 3 inches. Climb in through the suicide doors and recline in deep black Recaro seats. She has a Chevy .308 rear end and a Musting II front end. TR uses Casite Octane booster regularly and details the hot rod with Casite Quick Works premium detailing products.

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